TeleOne Fixed Wireless Access Products

Mission Statement:

TeleOne, Inc.'s mission statement is that we are dedicated to the sales, design, engineering and installation of Fixed Wireless Broadband systems.  Our objective is to perform the design, build and sale of these systems in the urban or rural marketplace to promulgate the expansion of high speed wireless platforms in areas of service demand.  Certain opportunities are available to provide partnering in the deployment and funding of these systems.

The TeleOne high speed Wireless Ethernet Link is designed to meet the unprecedented demand for high capacity wireless data market, at a superior rate than other technologies but at a fraction of the cost of current fixed wireless solutions. It is a high capacity, point to point or point to multi-point, fixed wireless network solution for providing Internet service or linking corporate intranets to existing wired local area networks. It provides a fully encrypted high speed data link between separate LANs/WANs/MANs while efficiently providing variable data rates to suit demanding user applications. Typical deployments include revenue based home users to midlevel business, as well as ISP's and campus environments, educational and local government entities.

TeleOne has branded the product as the 'Always-On Wireless Ethernet Link, which is capable of delivering Broadband, bi-directional data at 128k to 20Mbit/s over a distance up to 35 miles. Designed to meet the requirements of customer environments, it's embedded, fully encrypted and robust transmission protocols ensure the reliability and the authenticity of data transmission. Our product is available in either in licensed or licensed free frequency bands and can operate efficiently within a same cell environment of an IEEE 802.11b network, without any performance degradation.

There is a strong demand to implement multi frequency wireless solutions and it is expected to forge ahead the 'Always-On Wireless Ethernet Link, a technology with applications including video conferencing, audio streaming, security & surveillance systems as well as basic Internet access. It even supports high priority data which is a requirement for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications.

TeleOne wireless point-to-point and point-to-multipoint products offer customers an "always on" dedicated connection platform with the speed and bandwidth to meet any data transmission objective. This wireless solution for fixed networks enables customers, such as incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs), competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs), and Internet service providers (ISPs), to expand their existing infrastructure, so the initial investment is significantly lower than that required for other "wired network" alternatives. The service delivers consistent, broadband access without wires, and connects easily to any Ethernet or networking equipment.

Our product has been designed for easy installation and for future scalability and expansion. Software updates can be performed via the RF link, thus reducing the costs associated with system upgrades.

The TeleOne plug-and-play wireless connection offers customers premium performance and solutions by allowing virtually any type of computing device to be connected to a Local Area Network (LAN) in minutes.  Safe and secure, our wireless data has unprecedented encryption technology built in to each unit.  Reliable security and authentication prevent unwanted access to critical data and ensures data integrity. 

Our equipment consists of Subscriber Modems (Customer Premise Equipment), Access Points and Backhaul units.  These devices can be configured and deployed to offer broadband wireless Internet service to thousands of customers virtually anywhere.


Note:  TeleOne Fixed Broadband Wireless systems incorporate the highest quality components from preeminent manufacturers, such as Motorola, Inc.'s CanopyTM high speed transceiver.  Motorola® and CanopyTM trademarks are the property of Motorola, Inc.



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The Subscriber Module (SM) is a wireless device that connects directly to a computer or a Hub/Router that supports a 10/100 base-T interface.